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3 Parts Specs Sheet

Door Mounting Options

Roll-up Doors Operating Manual Crank

Roll-Up Door Motor Operation Manual

Accordion Doors Color Options

Installation Instructions

Motor Installation

Install Motor Outside

Install Crank Between With Lintel

Install Crank Between Without Lintel

Install Crank Outside

Install Manual Between With Lintel

Install Motor Between With Lintel

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Install Motor Between Without Lintel

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Soundproofing Doors

Roll-Up DoorsRoll-Up Noise Control Doors Doors

Soundproofing Roll-Ups Doors

All Noise Control custom Roll-Up doors apart, you'll also appreciate the consistency of our factory finish. Each piece is individually finished prior to assembly. Because all edges are sealed at our shop, they're also nicely protected against moisture problems. Using the finest natural hardwoods like oak, maple, birch, mahogany and cherry* allows us to apply rich, gorgeous finishes that truly bring out their stunning appearance. We can custom match our finishes to your existing millwork or décor. Additionally, the custom-building process allows for consistent, precise fits and tolerances.

Why Choose Soundproofing -Roll-Ups Door?

The epitome of functionality, yet graceful as the finest furnishing, Soundproofing - Roll-Up Doors add both security and aesthetics to any setting, residential or commercial. Sometimes referred to as counter shutters, each piece is precision handcrafted of solid hardwoods and painstakingly finished to match or compliment any décor or architectural detail. Whether at home serving to camouflage a wet bar, or working to ensure security in a bank or hotel, wood overhead coiling doors add an elegant finishing touch. For complimentary impact, consider adding a custom-crafted Accordion Door to your project, as well.

Quality and Strength Soundproofing Doors

Custom Soundproofing Roll-Up doors can be finished in clear lacquer, custom stains and/or paints. To increase strength and durability, each hardwood slat is individually attached with strong, plastic-coated, aircraft-grade stainless steel cables and fixed at top and bottom. Last, each Roll-Up door is installed and tested prior to shipping, then sent in durable crating, thus ensuring everything possible is done to have all pieces arrive undamaged.

Benefits of Our Factory Finishing

Whereas other Roll-Up doors finished on the jobsite tend to suffer from unsightly missed coverage on the top, bottom and ends, Woodfold insists on individually finishing each piece prior to assembly. Factory finishing also prevents moisture buildup inside the wood, which leads to warping and can seriously hamper both the operation and the appearance of the door.

Architectural Specifications

Roll-Up Doors shall be upward coiling, factory finished (unfinished available) with individual slats interconnected using plastic coasted aircraft-grade stainless steel cable, fixed at top and bottom. Woodfold Roll-Up doors shall be suspended from manufacturer-provided overhead coiling system utilizing manual, awning crank, or electric motor driven operation. All necessary hardware and material shall be included for normal installation.

Soundproofing Doors Product Specifications

Materials: Curtain, Hood, Fascia and Guide Rails available in Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple and Oak. Additional hardwoods available.

  • Operation: Manual, Motorized or Crank.

  • Finish: Clear Finish, Custom Stain, Custom Paint or Unfinished.

  • Latch: Keylock, Thumbturn or Slide bolts.

  • Component Dimensions: Curtain Slats 1/2" x 1-1/2". Bottom Bar 1-5/8" x 5".

  • Width: Up to 12'- 0".

  • Height: Up to 8'- 0".

  • Weight: Installed Weight is approximately 10 lbs. Per Square Foot.


Type of Mount
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Between Wall on Face of Lintel
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Between Wall Without Lintel
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation
Roll Up Door Installation



Soundproofing Roll-Ups Door Case Studies

Bar and Restaurant Door Soundproofing

Soundproofing Challenge: An upscale bar needed a way to minimize the time and labor involved in setting up and closing down operation each day. Reducing theft was also a key objective.

Soundproofing Solution: By installing a series of our lockable Roll-Up Doors, the establishment not only eliminates the daily need to set up and secure away its bar stock, but also dramatically reduces costly inventory loss. Custom stained hardwood, matched to existing millwork, adds elegance to the décor.

Luxury Hotel Door Soundproofing

Soundproofing Challenge: To enhance its customer service, a luxury hotel looked for a way to separate its breakfast dining area from the noisy kitchen and after hours sports bar.

Soundproofing Solution: By adding a series of Roll-Up Doors, the kitchen staff is able to prepare meals without disturbing guests and then raise the doors when ready to serve. The sports bar remains concealed when not open for business. Custom staining assures a perfect match with the hotel’s rich woodwork and furnishings.

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