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All Noise Control Resources & Acoustic Education
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Fiberglass Panels - Ceiling Clouds acoustic treatments. Shown here suspended with T-Grid

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Ceiling Cloud Products

Suspended Acoustic Solutions

Commercial Ceiling Clouds


Ceiling Cloud Specs

Industrial Ceiling clouds

Ceiling Cloud Mounting - Eye-Hooks

Ceiling Cloud Mounting - T-Grid

Ceiling clouds Colors

Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling Clouds - Suspended Acoustic Solutions

Ceiling Clouds

Commercial Clouds


Noise Control Applications

Commercial Soundproofing Clouds

Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling Clouds are perfect for the reduction of sound in ceiling areas. They are suspended horizontally with D-Rings (for panels up to 4’ x 4’) or T-grid attachment for larger panels.

Ceiling Clouds are constructed with a 6-7# PCF rigid fiberglass absorber core. The edges are available in natural or chemically hardened
and are available in 4 edge profiles.

Suspended Acoustic Solutions


Photograph Sound Absorption Ceiling clouds are a very effective treatment for the reduction of sound in ceiling areas. All Noise Control Sound Absorption Ceiling clouds are suspended horizontally, with our eye hook or t-grid attachment mounted to the cloud at the time of shipment.

Sizes: Standard up to 4' x 10'
(custom sizes & shapes available)

Face & edges are wrapped in fabric or perforated vinyl t o match or accentuate the room design.

Acoustic Applications - Auditoriums, Industrial Acoustics and more

Sound Absorption Ceiling Cloud Details:

Wall Panel Substrate

6-7# PCF rigid fiberglass core with optional chemically hardened edges.

Sound Absorption Ceiling Cloud Mounting:

Eye hooks


Wall Panel Finishes

View Color Chart Here.

Designer and customer specified fabrics are available

Acoustical Ceiling Cloud NRC Ratings

1/2" .50-.60
1" .80-.90
1 &frac12 .90-1.00
2" 1.05-1.15

Sound Absorption Ceiling Cloud Edge Details

Square, Bevel, Radius, Miter

Commercial Ceiling Clouds

Acoustical, free-hanging unit for limitless design options

Commercial Soundproofing Clouds

Features & Benefits:

• Free-hanging unit with superior sound absorption.
• 3 different mounting methods for ease of installation.
• Simple integration of lighting components.
• Laminated front and back with fully painted edges. 
• Akutex FT white finish has perfect light diffusion (+99%).
• Available in 9 colors and 11 shapes

Commercial Ceiling Clouds is free-hanging fiberglass ceiling panel. It offers a high-recycled content (71% total, 70% post-consumer, 1% pre-consumer). The LEED calculation for this products recycled content is 71%. The acoustical performance of this product may contribute to points for a LEED project per that U.S. Green Building Council system.

Energy and Atmosphere (EA)
Credit 1 Optimize energy performance
Our ceiling panels with high light reflectance (above 0.82 according to ASTM E1477) can reduce lighting demands and subsequently the energy required to operate them. 1-10 points

Materials & Resources (MR)
Credit 4.1 Recycled content 10% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer)
Credit 4.2 Recycled content 20% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer)
CertainTeed Ceilings panels can contribute to the project recycled content. 1-2 points

Indoor Air Quality (EQ)
Prerequisite 3 (LEED for Schools only) Minimum acoustical performance
CertainTeed Ceilings high sound absorption ceiling panels can contribute to achievement of reverberation time goals (per ANSI 12-60-2002)

Indoor Air Quality (EQ)
Credit 2 (LEED for Healthcare only) Acoustic environment: exterior noise, acoustical finishes & room noise levels
CertainTeed Ceilings high sound attenuation panels can contribute to acoustic privacy goals and high sound absorption ceiling panels can contribute to those performance goals. 1-2 points

Indoor Air Quality (EQ)
Credit 4 (LEED for Schools only) Low-emitting materials (ceiling & wall systems)
CertainTeed Ceilings panels are certified low-emitting products (per Collaborative for High Performance Schools / adopted by Greenguard Children & Schools). 1 p

Acoustical Case Studies:

Froggtown Inn & Acres Restaurant keeps things aesthetic and quiet with our ceiling clouds. Read More.

Ceiling Clouds - Suspended Soundproofing Clouds

Froggtown Inn & Acres Restaurant has retrofitted our clouds to their existing dinning room to create a quieter and more private conversation environment by using All Noise Control clouds. Pictures courtesy of Froggtown Inn & Restaurant.

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