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Fiberglass Panels - Ceiling Clouds acoustic treatments. Shown here suspended with T-Grid

Froggtown Inn & Acres Restaurant has retrofitted our clouds to their existing dinning room to create a quieter and more private conversation environment by using All Noise Control clouds. Pictures courtesy of Froggtown Inn & Restaurant.

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Froggtown Inn & Acres Restaurant keeps things aesthetic and quiet with our ceiling clouds. Read More.


Acoustic Applications
  • Auditoriums
  • Industrial Acoustics
  • and more

Ceiling Clouds - Suspended Acoustic Solutions

Photograph Ceiling clouds are a very effective treatment for the reduction of sound in ceiling areas. All Noise Control ceiling clouds are suspended horizontally, with our eye hook or t-grid attachment mounted to the cloud at the time of shipment.
Sizes: Standard up to 4' x 10'
(custom sizes & shapes available)

Face & edges are wrapped in fabric or perforated vinyl t o match or accentuate the room design.

Acoustic Ceiling Cloud Details:

Wall Panel Substrate
6-7# PCF rigid fiberglass core with optional chemically hardened edges.
Ceiling Cloud Mounting
Eye hooks or T-grid
Wall Panel Finishes
. Guilford of Maine FR 701 Style 2100 is standard. View Colors Here.
. Designer and customer specified fabrics are available
Acoustical Ceiling Cloud NRC Ratings
1/2" .50-.60
1" .80-.90
1 ½ .90-1.00
2" 1.05-1.15
Ceiling Cloud Edge Details
Square, Bevel, Radius, Miter
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