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All Noise Control Resources & Acoustic Education
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Acoustic Applications
  • Class 1 Public Buildings
  • Pools
  • OEM Applications
  • Auditoriums

Acoustical Banners & Panel System Presentation

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Acoustical Banners & Panel Systems Acoustical Banners & Panel Systems for Sound Transmission Control for Sound Transmission Control

These sound absorption acoustical banners shall be located and spaced as detailed on reflected ceiling plans and/or detailed on the interior elevation drawings and as indicated on room finish schedule

Physical Properties
  • Cloth Cover: Aluminum vinyl coated fiberglass cloth
  • Thickness: 1" thick (4' x custom length)
  • Width: 48" (or custom)
  • Length: Custom
  • Geometric Shape: Rectangular
  • Surface Finish : PVC Perforated One Side
  • Core: 1# fiberglass
  • Fire Rating: passes ASTM E84 Class I fire rating passes FMVS S .302 and FAR 25.283
  • Flame Spread: 17.66
  • Edge Construction: Heat Sealed
  • Suspection Provision : (washer plates) (stiffeners) (cable)
  • Incombustability : Class "A" per ASTM E-84 25/0/50
  • Acoustical Performance : 0.70 N.R.C.

sound absorption acoustical banners

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