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Noise Control Applications

Noise Control is a a strategies to reduce noise pollution or to reduce noise impact, for outdoor noise applications, industrial noise or indoor noise control. Noise is described as any sound in the acoustic domain both wanted and unwanted. While music and birds chirping are examples of wanted sounds, noise is more commonly used in reference to unwanted sounds such as traffic, airplane, industrial, and other annoying sounds. Noise does not have to be excessively loud to be annoying or cause interference

Who are we and why call us? All Noise Control manufacture high performance noise control products and acoustical systems that solves noise in many different industries and comprised of premium noise control products that encompass materials that deal with noise problems through soundproofing, noise absorption and sound barrier materials and we provide solutions for plant managers to solve their industrial noise problems, Common noisy equipment as compressors, industrial generators, blowers, vacuum pumps, stamping presses, air handling units and many others have been successfully treated with the below listed options.

We offer noise control materials at a competitive price. We look for your valued and repeat business in the following markets and more where noise reduction, soundproofing and noise control are needed.

Home Theater Acoustics and Noise Control

Home theater with full acoustical coverage create the ultimate listening experience. A properly-designed room provides an excellent balance of reflective, absorptive and diffusive acoustical treatments. Looking for Home Theater Noise Control information please visit our Home Theater website

Noise Control and Soundproofing Products Made in U.S.A

Made in U.S.A


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